Creo Companion to MoI

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Danny, well there are "curve to" instructions that a path can contain in PDF files (instead of just "line to" for making lines), so it's not difficult to store bezier curves in PDF files.

However, generating all the stuff initially before even putting it in the PDF file is where the work is involved.

One thing that is kind of tricky is that NURBS curves can have what are called "Rational" curves (that's what the R in NURBS stands for) for things like exact circles or ellipses, but the bezier curves in PDF can only be of a more simple non-rational kind. So to get something like a NURBS circle curve into a PDF bezier curve, it has to be refit with a non-rational approximation of it. It seems like instead of doing that they just break it down into lines.

I guess the way they may break things down into lines is depending on the size of the printed page output, and those little areas of text on the tires would be small enough on your printed page not to see that they are messy like that with only a small number of segments.

But that also means that the output is not really a general purpose drawing that you can scale or process in too many other ways, it's something for printing just at that particular page size that it was created for. Certainly still useful for that purpose though.

- Michael