Scene Management

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Andy, here's a script that should perform the edge showing operation that you wanted:

script: /* Show all edges of visible objects */ var breps = moi.geometryDatabase.getObjects().getBReps(); for ( var i = 0; i < breps.length; ++i ) { var brep = breps.item(i); if ( !brep.hidden ) brep.getEdges().setProperty( 'hidden', false ); }

To set this up, go to Options> Shortcut keys, and push the Add button to add a new blank entry to the top of the list.

Then for the Key column, put in whatever key you want to trigger it, maybe E since it involves edges.

Then in the Command column on the right-hand side, paste in the above script.

Then after that you can type E (or whatever you set up as the key) to get the particular edges that you want to be shown - the script will only show edges on objects that are currently visible and not touch the edges on objects that are totally hidden.

- Michael