Scene Management

 From:  Michael Gibson
3877.5 In reply to 3877.3 
Hi Andy, I see what you mean now - for just hiding the edges, the second click as I described above works for that part, but then showing just the particular edges you want is where you have a problem.

But I think that it's possible that the scene browser can be modified a bit in v3 to solve this particular thing with sub-objects without needing to introduce some special overriding hide property like you were talking about previously.

Like you mentioned a shift+click could be a possibility or maybe just a single click on those particular sub-object types should look for this situation of visible parent objects that have some sub-objects hidden and flip all those particular sub-objects to be on with the first click. That would mean that it would then take a second click on it to show all edges, and a 3rd click to hide them all. I'll need to think about that a little bit.

In the meantime, it should be possible to set up a keyboard shortcut with a script on it that will do that one show operation that is currently missing. I'll cook up a script for that shortly and post it here.

- Michael