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 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Bill, re: selecting edge loops - what were you trying to do to the model when you were selecting edge loops? Are you trying to do adjust the shape or apply sub-d smoothing to this model instead of just rendering it?

The reason I ask is that you may not be able to use MoI's output for some kinds of editing tasks like that. If you want to do some editing involving sub-d smoothing where the edge topology is important to you, that may mean you need to create that topology directly inside of Modo rather than modeling in NURBS and then converting it into polygons. The NURBS to poly conversion result should be fine for just directly rendering the geometry though.

> Is the one rail sweep the best method for modeling
> an object like this?

Probably yes for getting it exactly as you have there.

You can use Rail revolve for making things very similar to this more quickly though - see the attached 3DM file.

First select this profile curve here (note you can arrange a sweep profile curve in the middle of a rail like this as well, that can be more convenient that putting it all the way at the end):

Then run Construct > Revolve > Rail Revolve, and pick the outer path as the rail curve:

Then for the revolve axis pick here:

That makes this:

But note that it's not quite 100% the same as your original, it's more symmetrical yours was kind of flared from the bottom to the top on the smaller tip areas.

- Michael