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 From:  steve (STEVE_HOME)
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Hi Michael,
>>Maybe another kind of similar approach could be to use polyline paths and profiles for the initial creation, that could make objects that are already diced up into several small surfaces. I've attached a sample model.<<

In my original reply, I stated that "can work". I need to expand on that just in case Bill wants to try that method in the future.

First of all, when you created that sweep, you used a single cross section perpendicular to a one sweep rail, which then produces what you posted, however, problems arise when the ends of the surface(s) are not both on the same plane or not perpendicular for the sweep(as in Bills model). I will try to show some simple examples of the problems.

I have copied 2 curved edges from Bills model, then changed them to polylines(divided up by 16), then for simplicity, have added 2 lines at the ends for the cross sections.

Using one of the cross sections on a one rail sweep produces un-even(at top) spaced sections with a over-run at the other end.

If using the 2 cross sections on one rail, then at first glance it looks OK, but if you then check the top edge(zooming into box area)

There are broken edges. I placed a line(in yellow) snapping to the ends of the broken edges just to show it is not a display problem

If one or both of the cross sections are used on both rails, then there can be a problem, as where edges are expected, there may not be as they are smoothed.

- Steve