Lasso Selection Option?

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Marc,

> Hi Michael, have you decided to steer towards a more
> platform independent code?

Yeah, at least a step towards that.

Currently I'm working on removing the dependency on mshtml (which is the html rendering engine used by Internet Explorer) and instead using the WebKit HTML engine for displaying the UI.

Having stuff being more self-contained within MoI should actually help for more long term stability when running in Windows as well, since it will then become less sensitive to things like new versions of mshtml.

I don't expect for everything to become fully platform independent after this UI overhaul, but there is a pretty good chance that being more self contained will also help make MoI run well under the WINE library. I'm still not sure exactly how well the final result of this current work (that has no mshtml dependency but still has other various Windows OS dependencies) will run under WINE but some initial tests seemed promising.

- Michael