Paneling Techniques.

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Andy,

> I have taken the same approach with nurbs. Start
> with the basic shape, trim the cuts, and then I used
> shell to add thickness to them and fillet the connecting
> edges. This gives me the look that I am after but I am
> not sure if it is the proper, or best way of approaching
> this problem.

So just to clarify - there is nothing wrong about that technique of using Trim + Shell + fillet.

But it can be somewhat more convenient in general to stay working with all solids when possible, it can end up saving some steps. Working with individual surfaces is a somewhat more "low level" kind of an approach.

So for example in your model there instead of doing Trim + Shell to generate the multiple pieces instead you could keep things in solids by using boolean difference on the solid to generate the multiple pieces.

- Michael