Paneling Techniques.

 From:  andy (ANDYJAGGY)
I think I am getting a pretty good grasp of nurbs modeling. One question I have though is on the proper technique for creating panel lines. Say the spaces between the hull plates on an aircraft wing.

With subpatch modeling I would bevel in the edges of the shape, add a controlling edge to tighten up the edge and then subpatch it, this gives me nice lines between the different plates when it is subpatched.

I have taken the same approach with nurbs. Start with the basic shape, trim the cuts, and then I used shell to add thickness to them and fillet the connecting edges. This gives me the look that I am after but I am not sure if it is the proper, or best way of approaching this problem. The only other solution that I could think of was to sweep a circle along the panel lines and boolean them out. That seemed like it would create more problems to me, but that might be the anti-boolean mentality that comes from years of subpatch modeling.

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