Render MOI Curves in Modo.

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Andy, thanks for the sample file - looking at that file it seems that it just has the regular polygon face entities in there so that's good to know that it doesn't need to be a different kind of object.

> Another thought I had was sweeping a small circle
> along all the curves... and then exporting it as regular
> geometry. That might be a lot of work though.

This could be a possibility, but one thing to watch out for is that a long tube with a small diameter in NURBS tends to be pretty heavy geometry, it makes a really tightly curved little thing. It's easy for things like the file size to balloon very significantly if you have a whole lot of little tightly curved things like that.

But as far as creating the little tubes, you can use sweep in a kind of batch mode with a lot of curves by drawing the circle off to the side away from the curves (it should be outside of the bounding box around them all), and then when selecting rails select all the curves all at once, that will do a 1 rail sweep around each of them with "auto place" mode so that you don't have to position the circle around each curve individually.

That looks something like this:

To select all edges as sweep rails you can select 1 edge of a solid and then do Ctrl+A to then make all its edges selected, or you can use the the Scene Browser Types section to select all edges in the entire model in 1 click.

But again, this method may get pretty unwieldy in data size if you're going to do it to hundreds of things.

- Michael