Render MOI Curves in Modo.

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Andy,

> I thought perhaps there was a way to export them as
> poly lines or 2 point polygons.

It is actually possible to export curves as polylines to SKP format currently - I think at one point Modo had an SKP importer?

But there is not any way currently to export curves as line segments into an LWO file.

That could be possible to add in the future, but having more than one possible way to do it (as polylines or as a "2 point polygon") makes it a bit confusing to figure out the best way - would one of those methods be better than the other?

The file format documentation for the LWO format is not particularly clear about how curves or polylines should be stored in the file, it says:


Polygon List
POLS { type[ID4], ( numvert+flags[U2], vert[VX] # numvert )* }

A list of polygons for the current layer. Possible polygon types include:

"Regular" polygons, the most common.

Catmull-Rom splines. These are used during modeling and are currently ignored by the renderer.

Subdivision patches. The POLS chunk contains the definition of the control cage polygons, and the patch is created by subdividing these polygons. The renderable geometry that results from subdivision is determined interactively by the user through settings within LightWave®. The subdivision method is undocumented.

Metaballs. These are single-point polygons. The points are associated with a VMAP of type MBAL that contains the radius of influence of each metaball. The renderable polygonal surface constructed from a set of metaballs is inferred as an isosurface on a scalar field derived from the sum of the influences of all of the metaball points.

Line segments representing the object's skeleton. These are converted to bones for deformation during rendering.

So I'm not really sure if the lines are supposed to be a "FACE" type with only 2 points in it, or whether it is supposed to be a "CURV" type or a "BONE" type.

Could you maybe post a small simple LWO file with some lines in it exported from Modo? That could then be a reference for me to use later on when I get a chance to implement it.

- Michael