Construction Lines....Again!

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Danny - there isn't any regular way to do that while in selection mode because dragging the mouse while in that mode performs the action of object dragging.

So it's not really possible for the drag gesture to do both object dragging and also construction line creation all at once...

I think it could be possible to make a script that would create a point picker and wait for it to be completed, and while a point picker is active you can create construction lines. But probably just the regular Move command would actually be more efficient...

> I was after something like, execute construction line script/command,
> draw some construction lines, drag item to intersection or mid point
> or whatever and upon release construction lines end.

I'd recommend just setting up the regular Move command on a shortcut key - the Move command will work close to what you are describing, just instead of dragging the object to move it, you click once to set the base point and then click a second time to set the target point.

A "construction line" script like you are describing would be more awkward than that because you would have to do something to end the construction line creation stage, like push Escape or click a point that did not really do anything to exit the point picker. There isn't any way for the script to read your mind and automatically know when you are finished creating construction lines and that you want to switch back to object dragging.

There is a construction line command that you can get from here:
which will let you set up persistent construction lines, I don't know if that would help.

But basically it is intended that you use object dragging for just quick & simple object placement, and if you need to do more involved stuff with construction lines or entering relative numeric values, etc that you would use the Move command instead which has all those bells & whistles available in it.

- Michael