Any idea when version 3 will come out?

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi blackhoney, also for your forum questions:

> When I log into the forums why don't I see this new post?

There's a View dropdown at the top of the thread list - by default that will be set to only view new messages that you have not already read yet:

If you want to see all messages instead of only unread ones, you can do that by setting the View dropdown to "View: All discussions"

> Why didn't I automatically subscribe to my own thread?

It should be marked as "High interest" automatically - there will be a lightbulb showing in the title like this:

And there is also a setting under the View dropdown to filter the view to only see threads that are marked as "High interest" for you (similar to only viewing unread messages).

Being "Subscribed" is another setting yet beyond "High interest", I kind of forget the difference, it might send you e-mails if you are "Subscribed". Or you could use it as just a stronger mark on a thread than "High interest" since you can also filter the view to only show threads marked as subscribed.

> And lastly, how can I subscribe to a thread (like this one)?

If you click on the little area to the left of the thread title, here:

that will take you to a "Thread options" page where you can adjust your interest level, after you change the setting go to the bottom of the Thread options page and push the Save button to apply the setting.

There's also a link "Edit thread options" at the very bottom of the message display pane.

Also under Options > Forum options there is a setting "Automatically mark threads I post in as High Interest" - that will mark any thread you post in with the high interest flag.

- Michael