Video Gaming Mouse and MOI3d shortcut keys

 From:  Fitz (3DARTZ)
hey guys, have not been posting too much over the past few months but wanted to see if anyone else would find this useful.
I admit it, sometimes I play video games on my computer :) and I picked up this Gaming mouse called
the RAZER Naga.
It has 17 keys on it! anyhows, in the thumb area it has 12 keys that are keyed to either the numbers along the top of the keyboard or you can switch it to be keyed to the number section on the right of the keyboard.
I have started assigning Moi3d shortcuts to these keys and I now have easy and quick access to things that I would have to ues the keyboard for. Now I can just press the buttons on the mouse.
Kinda cool.
just thought Id share and see if anyone else has been using this sort of thing
Mike Fitz