Filleting workflow

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Timo, what fillet radius are you trying to use?

You'll be limited to a pretty small radius value because there is not much room in the model in this area here:

You can't try to use a fillet radius bigger than what will fit within that smallest area of your model.

Over here doing a fillet of up to about 0.03 units seems to work:

You can't go much higher than that while trying to include that little area of the model because it would cause that little vertical edge to be completely consumed away and have the fillets from different separate edges that do not touch at a common end to collide into one another. The filleting engine cannot handle that kind of stuff.

I'm not sure if you're trying to fillet all edges here, or just the outer edges right around the hinge area where you've got some other edges already filleted. If you just want to do a larger fillet on the upper part of the hinge spot you may want to fillet that with a larger radius when it is a separate solid all on its own (and therefore does not have a small sized vertical edge in it) before booleaning it on to the lid.

- Michael