cnc and Moi

 From:  jpaluck

Have to tell you I love this program..I just upgraded to version 2. I have only been at 3d modelling for about a year and half on and off as a hobby. I bought a carvewright cnc a couple years ago and thats what got me into it. I was bound and determined how to make my own models/patterns so I tried just about every software out with zero 3d experience. My first purchase was and man the learning curve was/is steep but also alot of fun. Intially, the only way you could import files into the carvewright software was thru a depth map image but the have since come out with an option to import stl files.

I tried artcam and aspire demo versions...very high priced (too high IMO) but I was not impressed for what you got versus what else is out there far as programs and the options they have with them. The sweeps and revolves in art/aspire blow compared to have way more control in moi. I know moi is not tailored to cnc but you sure have alot of the features the bigboys have at a fraction of the cost. Between Moi and Zbrush for me I have everything the big boys of cnc offer and way more for a fraction of the cost. I mean the sculpting features in those two programs are like a smooth brush an add brush a carve brush and a blur brush...zbrush the brushes are like well over 100 with an inf9inite amount of settings...the 2d drawing in MOI destroys the big boys for ease. Been telling people on the carvewright forum with Moi and sculptris who needs artcam or aspire.

I only wish you had more tutorials. I have been figuring alot off stuff out reading the forum..just wish you had more stuff like the sunburst and pod man videos..awsome program. You made it too easy for a beginner like me..thanks