3DConnexion Space navigator and Moi

 From:  Michael Gibson
3823.6 In reply to 3823.5 
Hi Chris, I did a bit of testing and I did confirm that the herky-jerky type behavior in MoI is indeed due to the dynamic feedback that MoI gives you on every mouse move, like when you hover your mouse over a curve for example it highlights with a glow around it.

When this happens concurrently with the space navigator changing the view all the time, it makes for a lot of additional calculations happening which produces the stuttering. It can be less pronounced when in Split view mode (with 4 viewports tiled on the screen) since the smaller window size in split view mode involves reading back less data from the video card on every mouse move.

Rhino does not have that kind of additional highlight feedback on just moving the mouse over objects, so that is one reason why you see different behavior in Rhino.

I think this is fixable in MoI though, I think it should not be too difficult to figure out some kind of throttling strategy to do something like ignore mouse moves (or only use 1 per second or something like that) while the space navigator is being used to manipulate the view. I should be able to make that happen in v3, I've added it to my todo list.

- Michael