3DConnexion Space navigator and Moi

 From:  Friday (CHRISSEYM)
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I've had a go at native, and I now understand what you mean about

"If you don't squiggle the mouse at the exact same time then you get smooth movement."

Now you say that should not be a problem - for me it is, and I suspect for any one else who uses a tablet setup with a space navigator. As you don't use this set up for yourself, I'll try to explain what I mean: when using a pen on a tablet you naturally hold the pen over the tablet at rest in your right hand when using the SN in your left. Because the pen is hand held, there are small movements in ones hand, causing the cursor to move slightly on the screen. This obviously means the mouse is moving at the same time as the SN - so we have jerky movements.

If you haven't tried this type of set up - I recommend you see how it works/feels in Rhino - its a very nice way to interact with the computer in 3d space - I find it much more natural than clicking with a traditional mouse. Also as a user who has had problems with RSI in the past, switching over to a tablet has made a big difference. And adding in a SN to 3d navigation means I don't have to hover my left hand over the keyboard all the time (something that is a pain in Modo) and a bit uncomfortable. I find it speeds up workflow, and I don't nudge geometry by mistake - which I often do when navigating with the pen and keyboard.

So, for me to use Moi I either loose the tablet and use the SN or loose the SN and use a tablet with Modo type navigation on the keyboard.

I am writing this, as I think what I have seen of Moi so far is really great, and I am just pointing out the benefits of the SN and tablet together as I think this would be great for Moi's next release, but clearly I have no concept of how complicated that is to achieve. So I leave those thoughts with you, and I'd be interested to hear what you think.

For anyone that's interested I've looked back at this behavior in VMfusion and Parallels - and both have the same characteristics as displayed in native. The problem with emulation so far seems to be that the driver is often not recognized and has to be re-loaded. VMfusion seems to be better so far at recognizing the driver without having to load it all the time.

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