3DConnexion Space navigator and Moi

 From:  Friday (CHRISSEYM)
I am continuing with my trial, and like Moi so far - its lovely.

I am running it under emulation on both Parallels and VMFusion. Works great on both so far, but the space navigator does not work well. I am having slightly better results with VMfusion in so much as it recognizes the drivers more easily than Parallels, but both are very, very jerky when used, and frankly are not usable. I have spoken with Connexion and they do not support emulation and have no plans to at present.

So, as I dont have a PC (and before I start partitioning my mac with bootcamp etc), I was wondering how other peoples experience of the space navigator is with Moi in a native window environment? Is it as smooth and fast using the mouse / pen? I have been looking at the mac beta of Rhino and the space navigator control in that is lovely, smooth and very intuitive (and is a great combo with a tablet) - is Moi like this in windows native?

Thanks for your help,