how to uninstall MoI ver 1?

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Bill normally it is supposed to get listed in the control panel's "Add or Remove Programs" (or "Change program" or whatever on Vista or later) applet, look for an entry labeled "Moment of Inspiration 1.1" in the list.

If you can't find that, then another alternative is to go to "My computer", and then browse to MoI's main installation folder which by default would be c:\Program Files\MoI 1.1

Within that folder is the uninstall program which is named unins000.exe, double click that to run it and it will do the uninstall process.

Also like Burr mentions you can manually delete it as well, you can delete the main installation folder and then delete any desktop short-cut or start menu items by right-clicking on those and choosing "delete" on the little menu that pops up.

- Michael