Sweep Problem

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Sharif, so sweep does not itself have any knowledge of how just one single starting profile should be rotated as it moves along the sweep in order to have it match up to all kinds of other sweeps like you want to do there.

You'll need to do something like place in a number of additional profiles along the sweep that are each positioned in a spot that you want the sweep to pass through - that's basically how you can add control to sweep, by putting in some more profile curves rather than just sweeping from just 1 profile and letting sweep do its automatic rotation.

Also another potential approach might be to make one unbroken surface, and then trim pieces of that large surface away to make the pattern, then thicken that with Shell, rather than trying to make individual sweep pieces that align with each other. If you work off of one large common surface that keeps everything meeting up in one outer shell more properly.

It's difficult to make sweeps on paths that are curving around all over the place to be aligned precisely with each other because to get a precise alignment and clean intersection there has to be a kind of area of co-planarity in the zone where the sweeps cross over each other.

- Michael