Sweep Problem

 From:  Michael Gibson
3812.2 In reply to 3812.1 
Hi Sharif, it's not clear to me what kind of alignment you want - do you want everything to meet squarely there?

That would seem to be a geometric impossibility to have a slanted shape intersect a none-slanted one with each having the same thickness and profile.

That's like saying you want to have 2 boxes that have the same cross-section size that meet like this:

To somehow meet squarely, but they can't unless you rotate one - it requires rotation to make features align like that.

A circular tube is a special case since it has total rotational symmetry so it doesn't matter at what angle 2 circular tubes touch each other. For example if you rotate a circle around its own center point, it still has the same pattern to it no matter what the rotation angle is, that's not the case with any other type of shape.

- Michael