select / deselect like rhino

 From:  Michael Gibson
3810.4 In reply to 3810.3 
Hi Okapi,

> On another note, is there a way to cycle through
> the objects that are under the cursor, if there are
> several superposed objects?

No, there's not currently any way to do this. I set Rhino up to do this kind of cycling automatically (with a dialog that pops up) anytime you clicked near several objects but over time I considered that to be a design error because it tends to pop up frequently without you necessarily expecting it on any given click. Things that pop up on the screen in an unexpected manner like that tend to become a constant interruption and distraction in workflow.

So MoI was designed specifically not to do that and is kind of the reverse - instead of wondering if you're going to get that kind of multi-selection box on any particular click, MoI instead dynamically highlights the object currently under the mouse (like for example curves get a kind of halo glow around them) so that you can see in advance what particular thing is going to get selected when you click, it removes the kind of selection roulette where you don't know if you're going to get a multi-selection box or not on any particular click.

In the future it could be possible to add in some kind of optional way to do it, like hold down some special key combo to get a list of all things close to that mouse point, but selection in general is a finicky and difficult area to work with so it may be some time before I can focus on that.

- Michael