select / deselect like rhino

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi okapi, no there's no way to adjust selection to work like that.

> meaning that as soon as I am done with an operation,
> the current object is deslected?

Rhino does not actually work quite exactly like that - it deselects objects only if you "post-picked" them, meaning you selected them after launching a command.

If you "pre-pick" objects in Rhino, they do not get deselected at the end of the command.

For example, draw a circle in Rhino, and then select it. Now run the Move command, and you will see that the moved circle is selected at the end of the command. If you instead run the Move command first and then select the circle only after the command has started, that's when you will get that kind of deselected result that you are talking about.

That is in Rhino in order to emulate a kind of archaic AutoCAD-like workflow to make Rhino feel comfortable to people who have spent a long time using AutoCAD.

That kind of AutoCAD similarity was not really a priority for MoI, and although I do have some simple support for post-pick in MoI, it's overall more designed to work with pre-pick. That's because pre-picking is by far the most common way that people other than AutoCAD users expect for things to work, it's how nearly everything else on the computer works. For example when you want to delete a file in Windows Explorer, you do it by selecting a file first, and then doing a Delete command, you don't first run the Delete command and then pick which file you want to delete which is what post-picking is like.

But I think it should be possible for me to tune up the optional post-picking process in MoI in the future to work like that though.

- Michael