From:  Michael Gibson
3806.7 In reply to 3806.6 
Hi Ed, well I'm not sure how that would work to try and wedge in extend functionality into MoI's current Trim command with its current workflow.

You see, the main way to select the object that you're going to trim is to select it _before_ you even run the Trim command.

Do you mean that you would want MoI to remember if you held down shift when you were selecting objects, and to perform a really different result in the command just because of that key being held down before you even ran the command? That could potentially be very confusing it seems.

Also there is already an Extend command that allows you to extend lines to boundaries, it's available right next to the Trim button here:

If Trim also did extensions, then what would you want to happen with the current Extend command that already does that stuff, would it be removed?

But then that causes a problem of a lack of discoverability - that's when users can't figure out how to do something because it requires special modifiers or things like that which are not immediately apparent. By this I mean that if the only way to extend things was by holding down the shift key while you were in Trim, it is likely that a lot of people would never find out how to do that...

So instead of trying to wedge it in to the current Trim command where it does not really fit, that would be more likely something that could be added as a completely separate "AcadTrim" command later on at some point as a plug-in.

- Michael