From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Ed, so also there's one other issue with the AutoCAD Trim workflow, which is that a combination of picking the object to be trimmed along with the area of it to be trimmed all in one step can sometimes be difficult with surface trimming, especially when working in the 3D view.

Here's an example - here there is a circle at a Z level above the sphere and I want to trim out a hole where its projection intersects the sphere:

With MoI's trimming workflow, you select the sphere, then run Trim, then select the circle as the cutting object and then it shows you the various fragments and allows you to select them like this:

Having those fragments generated and displayed on the screen can make it easier to see where they are so you know exactly where to click.

With the AutoCAD type sequence where you would pick the circle first, you don't get to see all the fragmented pieces and instead you would have to kind of try to imagine where on the sphere you're going to need to click to specify the zone to be cut, because with the AutoCAD way selecting the object to be trimmed and the location to trim is all done with one click...

That's not an issue with 2D curves really because it's easier to see that, but with surfaces and projections it becomes more of an issue.

The ability to be flexible and work well on both curves and surfaces as well was an important aspect for MoI's Trim workflow design.

- Michael