Marble Madness

 From:  unclecharlie
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If I remember in autocad you would have to use a command redraw the view, at a certain point the curves wouldn't be smooth at all.


"Regen" or "Regen All" for regenerate the drawing.

I don't at all know how this stuff works under the hood but I wonder if AutoCad uses a different system of math than more modern programs. They tried for years to keep up with the parametric 3d programs by glomming tools on top of basic ACad but in the end had to write Inventor from scratch and buy Revit, Maya and Mudbox. It is easier now for sure to work in ACad 3d but you still have to move the UCS around to draw at an angle.

Anybody able to explain in layman's terms what changed over the years? Does it have anything to do with floating point math? Or maybe how 3d space is defined?

I'm just curious.