Marble Madness

 From:  unclecharlie
I'm not able to look at these files at the moment since I'm on Linux. But I have an old AutoCad file named Solar.dwg that you can find if you Google it.

It is the entire solar system drawn to scale. If you zoom window down to the moon then continue to zoom into a little white circle (a crater) you can find a little green spot and zoom into it. It is a drawing of the Apollo 11 lunar lander. You can continue to zoom into the red plaque on the leg of the lander and read the inscription, including the names of the astronauts, the president and the date and a dedication. The letters are 3mm tall.

That's the kind of accuracy fifteen decimal places will get you -- the entire solar system to accurate to 3mm.

Of course if you moved or copied some stuff around everything would be rounded off and who knows where those letters would end up.