D-Kfly (Space Fighter WIP) + Align / Orient Question

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Burr,

> My question is, can the scripting access the points available in this was??

Currently the control points are not accessible to scripting, that's something that I'll have to add in for v3.

But one other thing that is scriptable currently is the bounding box size around the current selection, which includes selected points like that.

I'm talking about this thing here:

When you click on that line you get the size editor that lets you adjust the size of the selected objects, that also works on control points:

That bounding size editor stuff can be scripted, so I think it could be possible to do something like set up a shortcut key that shrinks the selected control points towards the center of the box around them by a certain factor or something like that, it will take some experimentation to set that up, let me know if you would use something like that.

- Michael