D-Kfly (Space Fighter WIP) + Align / Orient Question

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi PaQ - re: inverse blend - there is actually such a thing as an inverse blend which you can get by entering in a negative value for the bulge amount.

See here for an example:

But it looks like you don't actually want a completely inverted Blend, you want a kind of slightly tweaked in "just a certain way" kind of a blend... :)

> not sure if it will make sence to poluate the blend option menu with this probably 'strange' function.

Yeah, it's sort of difficult to add in options that are so specific to just one particular project like this - if I did things that way pretty soon there would be a huge list of things under every command and huge lists of things make things more complicated to use.

It's more feasible to make a plug-in to help with this kind of thing instead, since a plug-in does not then complicate the regular UI.

But to make a plug-in, the behavior has to be pretty well specified, in order to automate things there has to be an algorithm or well defined sequence of rules to follow that can then be coded up. Also sometimes I may need to add in additional hooks for scripts to access in order to enable some kinds of things, this could probably be like that.

- Michael