First MoI model

 From:  blade_master777
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Hi Michael,

Wow, thanks for your honesty, it's quite refreshing.

And thanks for the explanation regarding T-Splines. I didn't realise it was SubD that produced nurbs, I thought it was a nurbs cage of some sort. Knowing that, I would agree with you that adding this feature would be confusing, especially considering what MoI is, and like you say it would be a huge effort to incorporate. I like the idea of maintaining MoI's current philosophy. What you have said makes total sense, and is logical.

I do have one question though, and btw let me know if I'm getting annoying :-)

When you have a solid, say a sphere, you can show points. However when you boolean the object with another, points are no longer available. I know there a reason for this, however would it be possible to show points on a booleaned object? See image below.

Show points.