First MoI model

 From:  blade_master777
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Hi Michael,

Your most welcome. It's nothing more than the truth.

Thanks for those tips. I'll bear that in mind. Actually the most interesting thing I found was the placement of holes. I kind of worried about their placement as I normally would, thinking how will this complicate the mesh? What I did early on was export very early versions to the renderer to see what would happen. However the exporter did a very clean job, and I love the fact you can play with the export options.

I then actually restarted the model due a small paradigm shift. I didn't worry about the end mesh so much but rather what were the simplest shapes the the unit consisted of. So having the unit in front of me I rotated it and thought simple, if that makes any sense. The model itself appears very simple, however when you look at the four corners you realise there's quite a bit going on, and there's more complications on the underside. Booleans to the rescue!

I then seemed to go into hyperdrive, and within a short space of time I was looking at a finished model. And to be perfectly honest I almost felt cheated, in the sense that, this felt too easy. It should have taken me a lot longer, because that's the process I'm used to. And I realised I'd just had a great experience. Modelling became fun again, it was like a child playing with silly putty. So I just wanted to thank you for creating an experience that allowed me to have my experience.

Also I don't know how your beta testing works, but if need anyone to test new features before going public, I'd be more than happy to be a guinea pig.

Have a great day.