First MoI model

 From:  blade_master777
Hi Michael,

I just wanted to say thank you for creating a piece of software that is a delight to use. Moi is light, fast and visually appealing. In my experience usability seems to be neglected for other areas, whether it be budgetary or political reasoning. So I just wanted to say as someone who has designed interfaces, you've done a great job with MoI. After installing it I dived in and within a few hours had my first completed model. Coming from SubD modelling I had to think about my approach to the chosen model, which is the thing I was listening to at the time, my MP3 player. However it didn't take long to get a flow going without reading the manual. I had fun just seeing which tools did what.

I've used a lot of software over the years and what you have created is the office of the 3D world. I know how time consuming developing software can be, expecially with limited resources, so I just wanted say that your efforts are appreciated. I look forward to seeing where you take this gem.

Kind Regards

Modelled in MoI, of course.

Rendered in Thea Render.