Tips for OBJ/LWO export?

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi solex,

> Before changing my file format, I tried to join my surface
> but with no luck. So the 0.005 limitation is probably the
> reason.

Yup, probably that was the case. Probably it could have been joined after scaling the object down somewhat smaller.

It's kind of hard to just automatically increase the joining tolerance to something too large because that can cause edges to get joined together that should not be on parts that have lots of little pieces in them.

> (altough step seems to be the best format to import nurbs
> files from SW - no need to join surfaces during the import
> process)

Yeah probably STEP is better to start with. It does maintain the edge connection information in the STEP file so that avoids needing to do any joining.

Sometimes there can be other different issues with STEP files though, because STEP files only contain the 3D curves for the trimming edges and that leaves the UV space part of the trimming curves to be calculated by MoI, and in certain cases that can be a kind of difficult calculation.

So if it is possible I'd recommend requesting more than 1 file format from your clients, like both STEP and IGES files instead of only 1 format.

Unfortunately each format has its own kind of quirks so there is not 1 single format that is automatically guaranteed to be the best in every single case.

> Thank you again for this piece of soft. The mesh
> process is just fabulous!

You're welcome, I'm glad that it is useful for you!

> Hope to see a import process using multi-core/multi-thread cpu.

I use a library to do IGES, STEP, and SAT imports, so getting multi-core working for depends on support for that being added to the library. That might happen eventually but it may take a while.

But something that should happen sooner than that is improving the import process by making something like a progress bar so you can see what is going on rather than just having the screen frozen while it is busy working on the import.

- Michael