Tips for OBJ/LWO export?

 From:  solex (DSOLITO)
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I had a problem with a solidworks igs exported file. Some edges were "naked"
I changed the export to STEP and it was OK and in one solid. The scale of the model was too big but I didn't take attention because I use MOI just for solid > polygon conversion.
Before changing my file format, I tried to join my surface but with no luck. So the 0.005 limitation is probably the reason.
I will try it again (altough step seems to be the best format to import nurbs files from SW - no need to join surfaces during the import process).

Thank you again for this piece of soft. The mesh process is just fabulous!
(I bought earlier polytrans, but I don't use it anymore;-)

Hope to see a import process using multi-core/multi-thread cpu.