Tips for OBJ/LWO export?

 From:  jason
I'm fairly new to MOI, and I'm having a little trouble converting some IGS files into usable OBJs or LWOs for some virtual product shots.

I think the problem is that I'm just not very clear on how, if at all, I can modify the IGS file inside of MOI to have a little more control over poly-flow and topology upon export.

Here's an example - fairly simple base model:

Here's how the wireshade of the poly version inside MOI:

This is how the object appears in Lightwave (with the vertex normal map active). It's difficult to see in the small screen shot, but I end up with a ton of little hairline gaps between polys that are quite visible in the renders.

I can minimize the appearance of these artifacts with a dense enough mesh, but then mapping and surfacing becomes very messy - particularly with these models where the curvature usually dictates a change in surface material.

I've tried a few things I've seen mentioned (such as joining surfaces that I want to be contiguous in the poly mesh), and I've fiddled with the export settings in every way I can, but I always wind up with almost the exact same problems. I think I'm just missing something...

Any help would be really appreciated.