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 From:  igor
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Hi Michael

Thank you for your comments

I'm a veteran Sketchup user from version 3 I think - so I have some experience with the program..

Unfortunately tripple clicking isn't working on entities which have been merged by MoI on export (eg two boxes touching each other)

The core foundation of working in Sketchup is that any closed volume and even polygon must be group - by that I mean that groups in sketchup isn't the same thing as any other groups in any other programs

This is why in my case I need all my components(actual objects in MoI) grouped in Sketchup to be able to edit them

ps and what you refer to as possible "groups" in Moi in Sketchup would be a group of groups.

ps2 in su 8 they introduced "solids" - this is something MoI should arrive at in the end when exporting its entities for SU (amendments in api have also been made) and solids can only exist as groups(components) as is anything in sketchup