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 From:  igor
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That depends on the methodology of an assembly in MoI - I once heard from you - that styles is a different name for layers - but if one uses styles as layers in MoI then SKP layers would be a best match, but if one uses them as a way to assign a color for an object then it should be a material with equivalent rgb and same name as a MoI style..

My personal preference is layers as I do layered assemblies and until MoI groups are released there is no other way to control visibility of a group of objects

But the best solution would be to make an export option (Styles Mapped To: Layers; Materials) as methodologies may evolve

Yeah and Pilou was right - the best would be to name objects as they are in MoI - a brilliant thought! (and also su groups have a definition name to them - something to be filled in)

If we choose map styles to layers as a first step then I forgot to mention that all geometry itself should go to layer0 and a group(or component) container should go to a respective layer - only containers should be sorted into layers - not geometry itself