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Thank you for the continued best support I've ever seen!

One more issue for the SketchUp export I would like to mention.

First - you were right - if you export a MoI solid object as a group - it will automatically become a solid in SU 8 (not straight away but upon transformation into a component) so there is a research to be made on whether place MoI objects(solids, surfaces) in a group container or a component container - for now I'd highly recommend a group container with an option in the future to also place objects into a component container (as soon as you release your instancing system)

Second - styles - these are an equivalent to SketchUp layers and therefore it would be logical to further (besides grouping) assign MoI objects residing in a particular style - a corresponding layer in SketchUp (I mean to create corresponding to MoI styles SU layers) and - further (what is even more important!) assign those layers a corresponding to MoI style color! - as SketchUp Layers also have colors assigned to them!

I guess you have not sorted MoI objects via an SU exporter by styles before as you hadn't the styles system fully setup and released - now that we have styles I believe the time has come to update the exporter to reflect the latest changes in MoI

PS re grouping - there are sometimes unconnected stray lines, curves in a Moi scene alongside with Solids and surfaces - I think that if they should come in as groups as well (those which are connected in MoI - should go into one group container)
also a consistent naming for the groups would be highly welcome eg - solid001, curve001, line001, polyline001 - this way we will be ably to quickly isolate stray objects and delete them just by looking in the outliner(object explorer)

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