re Sketchup Export

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Igor, this would be something that I could add in to MoI v3 - but it should not take 2 years for that to come out, something more like a couple of months before the first beta would be ready.

My policy is to only release point releases for major bug fixes, things like data loss bugs, etc...

This is necessary for me because of my limited time and resources - it takes a lot of time to try and work within multiple streams of development simultaneously, so when I make a release I try to work hard on it _before_ the release to polish it up as well as I can, so that once it is released I can then move on to work on the new development stream as much as possible instead of bouncing around back and forth.

In this particular case, SKP export was added into the MoI v2 Sep-21-2008 beta, 2 years ago, and this is the first time someone has mentioned this grouping thing as a particular issue with it.

If this request would have come out during the v2 beta period, then that would have made it possible to work on incorporating the option into v2. But now v2 is finished, and I'm working on v3, so that's the next opportunity for this feature enhancement to be added in.

- Michael