Moi3D and Linux

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Slobodan,

> I don't understand why programmers when they take on a
> project don't plan for multi platform but instead lock
> them selves and end users to one platform, specially
> that platform being M$.

It's mostly a matter of time and effort... It takes quite a bit of extra time and effort to plan things for multi-platform. And then considerable additional effort to actually test and deliver on multiple platforms.

In the case of MoI for example, I was really stretched to the absolute limit just planning on program features and working on program UI itself. If I also threw in the additional burden of planning things for multi-platform, I am pretty certain I would never have been able to get it off the ground initially, it would just be too much work.

It also takes a somewhat specialized set of tools and experience to do multi-platform work.

A lot of times the development tools used to assist making a program are more tuned to one platform - for instance this is the case with Microsoft, they provide some nice tools that make it easier to develop programs than a lot of other tools, but these tools are focused just on Windows development.

Given unlimited time and energy, it would be a lot more feasible for every developer to do multi-platform for every program. But unfortunately unlimited time and energy just aren't available! :)

- Michael