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 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Pilou, normally you would use a rendering program to control various options for generating an image with particular colors and shading and that kind of stuff.

It's possible to do it somewhat in MoI but MoI is not really designed currently to generate 2D image output directly as a renderer is oriented towards doing.

> So does it possible to disable lights also or other...?
> For have only one color of faces?

It's possible to disable shading by setting custom light levels and entering in very high values for the light intensities, see this example:

Doing that will make the objects have their brightest fully illuminated color in every spot, so they will just have their full style color without any light shading happening.

Also for making a wireframe screenshot image this may be of interest:

To set that up try the following scripts (taken from the Jun-23-2009 beta release notes here http://moi3d.com/forum/index.php?webtag=MOI&msg=2711.1 ):

Added a scriptable option for drawing hidden lines with no shading. This can be used in combination with the view capture script for making a different style capture:
script:var v = moi.ui.getActiveViewport(); if ( v != null ) { moi.view.lineWidth = 4; moi.view.shadeMode = 'HiddenLineWireframe'; v.renderToClipboard( 2560, 2560 ); moi.view.lineWidth = 1; moi.view.shadeMode = 'Shaded'; }

Or it can be toggled on or off during regular working with this:
script:moi.view.shadeMode = (moi.view.shadeMode == 'HiddenLineWireframe' ? 'Shaded' : 'HiddenLineWireframe');
For an example see:

Hope those help! But if you need more control over generating an image you may need to use a rendering program to produce your image instead of MoI...

- Michael