Gemstone meshes 3dm

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Shayne, yes just to clarify what Pilou said the problem is those 3DM files only contain polygon mesh objects in them and not NURBS objects. MoI only reads NURBS objects from 3DM files.

There are a variety of different kinds of things that Rhino can put in a 3DM file, like NURBS, spotlights, dimensions, annotation text, polygon mesh objects, etc... each of which are pretty separate kinds of objects. MoI only writes and reads NURBS objects from 3DM files though.

A polygon mesh object is a different category of object that is made up of little polygon facets instead of smooth surfaces.

In Rhino you can convert those polygon mesh gemstone objects into NURBS objects by using the MeshToNURB command, which will convert each facet of the polygon mesh into a trimmed planar NURBS surface. If you then bring that over MoI will be able to see those objects.

Also see this thread for some other sources of gemstone models:

- Michael