IE 9 and MoI

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Steve, yeah there are still some glitches in IE9, which is not surprising since it is not finished yet.

I gave it a test and actually for the most part it seems to be working pretty well, there are not too many glitches and the ones that are there are mainly cosmetic issues.

So overall I'd say it is a pretty good sign that the first IE9 beta is working as well as it is - the first beta of IE8 was much more messed up than this.

> IE 9 is supposed to be the most web compliant browser
> yet, and has dropped support for legacy IE6 things. Is
> this the problem?

Nope, the problem is just plain old bugs in IE, but some of these are in areas of the hosting mechanisms.

For example the viewport controls being gray would be due to the mechanism where a host of mshtml can tell it to draw into a given bitmap is not working properly at the moment. The same thing got broken in early IE8 builds as well and got fixed before the final IE8 release.

There are also a whole bunch of other hosting mechanisms that MoI uses which seem to be working fine though, so something like 98 out of 100 things are working ok and just a few glitches.

Most likely those glitches will get solved as they continue to work on it, at least I hope so.

- Michael