IE 9 and MoI

 From:  Michael Gibson
3780.16 In reply to 3780.15 
Hi macray, it sounds like probably a bug in the STP importer.

Try this as a possible workaround - open up the STP file and then save it out to a 3DM file instead of trying to go directly to .igs or .sat .

Then close MoI, and start it back up again and open up that 3DM file and now try to export to .igs or .sat, does it work ok with that sequence?

I've run across this in one other instance where saving to 3DM and then re-loading it straightened out whatever problem had happened to the geometry during the STP import.

If this does solve the problem, it would still be helpful if you could possibly send me the file ( so I can try to see what is going on with the STEP importer that then makes the IGES and SAT exporters error out from their exports.

- Michael