IE 9 and MoI

 From:  Michael Gibson
3780.12 In reply to 3780.10 
Hi macray,

> my problem is not the display of the files, but that
> no export is saved. I have a stp file that I want to
> export to be able to use it in another program - but
> whatever option I use - there is no export file written.

What export format are you using?

Is it possible that your stp file only has curves in it and not any solids or surfaces?

If that's the case and you only have a wireframe model then that won't export anything to polygon mesh formats such as OBJ or LWO - for exporting to a polygon mesh format you need to have solids and surfaces that will have meshes created for them and not just wireframe curves.

That might be your problem, but it is hard to be sure without any more information. If that does not sound like what you are seeing, can you please send the STP file to me at and also let me know what format you are trying to export into?

- Michael