IE 9 and MoI

 From:  SteveMacc (STEVEH)
I've just installed the IE 9 beta. It is very good and looks just like Chrome!

However, since installing it I'm having a few problems with the MoI viewport. After being minimised, when restored, the panels at the left and along the bottom are not visible until moused over/clicked on. Additionally, the pop-up in the working area for Area, Zoom, Pan, etc, has a grey background, as soon as the cursor touches the viewport.

IE 9 is supposed to be the most web compliant browser yet, and has dropped support for legacy IE6 things. Is this the problem? Also IE9 uses hardware acceleration.

PS: I've uninstalled IE9 and MoI now works OK.

EDITED: 19 Sep 2010 by STEVEH