Array around Curve

 From:  Michael Gibson
378.4 In reply to 378.3 
> What I meant about sliding the objects around the curve is that
> you don't always want an even spacing, stonesettings for ovals
> tend to have more laws at the ends.

I see... That will be a bit difficult to add directly into the array commands, because all the array commands are pretty set up around doing even spacing. For instance if you entered a distance "1.0" in the distance option, if you could drag an individual item around it would violate that distance you entered and kind of have a mismatch between the distance used and what it was saying in the UI...

Eventually I do want to have a different tool that will let you slide an individual object around a curve. But it will be a while before I can get to that.

In the meantime you can rotate an individual object into place, or here is a kind of shortcut: Do Array around curve and put in a pretty large number of items, like 200 or 300, and push Done. This gives you a pretty large number of choices of things that have been slid along the curve. Pick the ones you like and hit Edit/Copy (or Ctrl+C). Now undo to get rid of the large number of curves, and then do Edit/Paste (or Ctrl+V) to paste in the ones that you liked.

- Michael