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 From:  BurrMan
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A sample file setup to go may show how a bit faster...

In this zip is a file setup with some curves and a revolve solid (from the orange curve)

If you do a boolean difference of the green arcs from the solid, you can then fillet the top surface .75 inches...Then select the red object and extrude it .75. Now array circle the red solid with a 60 count. Pick the center origin as the array circle point. Down at the very bottom. (After I delete the ones just below the first boolean cuts..6 total) Now boolean union the whole solids batch and run fillet of .25..Should end up with this...

The dims wont work for you..It's just to show the toolset working...From here you would start creating your other pieces in the same way and adding them to the solid.....Good luck..

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