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 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Kevin, welcome to MoI and to the forum!

> I am trying to build a cap and was wondering how
> I would make the extrusions in moi.

Are you talking about all those little teethy things?

Or when you say "the extrusions", do you mean these extruded pieces that you have in the modo version here:

For the little teethy things, you would probably build one little solid for just one tooth to start with, and then use Transform > Array > Circular to repeat it around into a circular pattern of a whole bunch of little teeth, then use boolean union to merge those into the main revolved solid, then fillet to blend the edges.

That may potentially be a quite difficult fillet case though since there is not much space there and you're going to have a lot of stuff kind of colliding together. It's also probably going to be a really heavy model because you're going to have a large quantity of little rounded fillet surfaces in there.

Sometimes things that have a kind of melty look to them are better done as sub-d surfaces instead.

Things that are more mechanical in shape and more driven by 2D profile curves are good candidates for NURBS modeling instead. Your case here is not quite totally clearly in this area though.

- Michael