Rhino & MoI or just Rhino?

 From:  Drakonsden
I am an avid CAD guy and I have always kept up with TurboCAD Pro's upgrades, but in the last couple of years I have sort of changed my focus to 3D modeling and rendering in programs like Lightwave and Carrara. So I let my upgrades of TurboCAD wain for a couple of years since it wasn't part of my work flow anymore. Now I am looking to get back into CAD modeling and have been looking at Rhino. I am very interested in getting MoI, but am wondering, since I plan to move to Rhino, do I need MoI or are the meshing tools in Rhino just as good for Lightwave as MoI is?

Even though I haven't upgraded TurboCAD in a while I still use it regularly for its 2D drawing functions, so before anyone says I only need MoI, I actually need to have a full CAD package.